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For anyone who has tried it or even only seen it on TV, it’s easy to realize that snowboarding is an exhilarating rush! There’s no way to describe the feeling of the wind rushing past you as you carve your way down a mountain pass. However, before you march off to the mountain, board in hand, take a peek at this list of recommended safety gear for riders of every ability.



The number one piece of safety equipment is undoubtedly a helmet. After all, we need to protect our noggins, right? Head injuries and concussions of any degree are among the most dangerous and frightening prospects of snowboarding. Take extra steps to ensure your brains stay protected with a quality helmet.


Wrist Guards

No matter what the weather conditions are, falls are inevitable. It might be a little icy, or you could catch an edge in the extra powder. Perhaps you’re trying out a jump or someone cuts you off, and you fall and land a little funky. You want to be sure you don’t snap the fairly delicate bones in your hands, wrists, and arms, because they weren’t made to handle that type of repetitive force. Luckily many types of snowboard gloves and mittens come with wrist guards already built-in.



Let’s face it: if it’s snowing, goggles are an essential item for just making it down the mountain! Regardless, with all the bright white snow, you’re going to need eye protection of some sort. Goggles are an excellent option because the head strap holds them securely onto your face even when you’re whizzing down the hill. If it’s in your budget, polarized goggles provide extra relief for your eyes.


Board Leash

A board leash is a lightweight and inexpensive tether that ensures your board won’t go flying down the mountain without you if your boots pop out of their bindings. Snowboard leashes clip onto the binding of your board and boots so that you can stay with each other even in a nasty spill.


Take a few extra moments – and dollars – protecting yourself and other riders on the mountain. You’ll be glad you did when you wrap up another successful season with no broken bones. Happy riding!