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In this era of COVID-19, individuals are left to find interesting and unique options with regards to social distancing activities. Many individuals are trying to do as many outdoor activities that are in line with social distancing guidelines. Hiking has been a great option that many have considered during this pandemic. However, there are many individuals that would be wise to consider another outdoor activity that is perfect for social distancing. That activity is cross-country skiing. It is a great outdoor activity that will not involve many people hanging around each other. In this piece, we will explore how one can get started in cross-country skiing.

Just as with any other new activity that involves equipment, one will have to have the right equipment in order to succeed in cross-country skiing. For those that are just starting out, it is not the best idea to buy brand new equipment. One would be best to rent the equipment and find a proper cross-country ski that is best for them before deciding to purchase proper cross-country skiing. There are some good options for cross-country skiers that are looking to rent

REI offers cross-country rental packages that go as high as $26.00 for adults and $16.00 for kids for a day. One can get an even better deal at the Summit located in Snoqualmie, Washington. Cross-country skiing enthusiasts can rent out equipment for a whole season for as low as $75.00. One should have no problem finding a rental shop that will allow you to see if the skis are the right fit.

Of course, individuals cannot simply hit the slopes without learning the proper technique. One has to master using managing using proper body movement and technique for going downhill.

One would be wise to schedule a lesson before engaging in this activity. One good place to get cross-country skiing lessons is the Snoqualmie’s Summit East Nordic Center, Given current COVID-19 protocols, one should schedule lessons in advance as capacity may be limited.

Just as in real estate, one of the most important aspects of cross-country skiing is location, location, location. A good location that’s ideal is the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trial. Another great option is the Methow Trails.