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Spending time outdoors is a favorite pastime for many women. From professional athletes such as rock-climbers and cross-country skiers to weekend warriors who like to walk on the beach or bird-watch, being outdoors is a source of joy. During a global pandemic, the ability to spend time outside has been extremely beneficial for nature lovers. Women who love the beach, the mountains, the snow, the sand, the ocean, and the desert all enjoy receiving gifts that will help them to spend more and better quality time in the environment. As we enter the holiday season, there are specific types of presents that you can gift the outdoorsy women in your life that will make them really happy.

The right type of clothing for a specific environment is a very welcome gift. Women who spend time in the ice and snow might enjoy receiving puffer coats or quality wool layering pieces to protect them from the elements. Gear that is anti-microbial and insulating is also useful, as is anything that is waterproof and/or windproof. On the other hand, women who spend time in the sea and in tropical regions might appreciate a sun-proof rashguard or stay-put swimsuit to help them enjoy being out in the sun a bit more.

It’s hard to underestimate the value of good footwear. Quality snow boots for skiers, hiking boots for trail blazers, and water shoes for sailors are all appropriate and needed gifts. Arch and heel supports make all the difference when trekking through the mountains, and being waterproofed to keep out snow makes the journey more enjoyable. Conversely, those who spend a lot of time in and on the water need sport-specific shoes to protect their feet from cuts from undersea rocks and corals. The right pair of shoes makes all the difference to an outdoorsy woman and her pursuit and enjoyment of her activity.

Finally, accessories are an excellent gift for women who like to spend time outdoors. Those who enjoy cold-weather pursuits might like trekking poles, warm hats and gloves, or long thermal underwear. Women who spend their time in the sun would like sun hats, reusable water bottles to stay hydrated, and reef-safe sunscreen to protect themselves and their beloved ocean. In the current pandemic, sport-specific face masks are another great gift that let women stay outside and stay safe at the same time.