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According to conventional wisdom, finding a career you’re passionate about will allow you to lead a more fulfilling life. If you enjoy playing or watching winter sports, you might be able to pursue a career that’s around the action.


For those who enjoy skiing, you might want to consider a career as a ski photographer. This job is unlike any other because you have to ski yourself when you follow the individuals to take their picture. You don’t have to become a professional skier yourself, but you can still incorporate the sport into your day-to-day life.


Ski photographers work directly on the ski slope, and they can sometimes get press passes for big professional skiing events.


Sports writers also turn a passion for sports into their career. If you enjoy most or all winter sports, you can cover developments in the different games. Writers do features for athletes, review sporting venues, and conduct important interviews. To do this job, you will need to have the right writing skills.


If you’re a fan of snowboarding or skiing, you might have brought a camera on the slopes. Many sporting cameras are designed specifically to capture high-speed events like this. You can become a professional videographer to record footage of people who want a memory of their adventure.


Some winter sports fans go into marketing. A marketing specialist is an expert in branding and selling their particular niche. You’ll usually work for a specific company and either sell their products or their venues. Marketing jobs allow you to do a lot of fun creative work, start campaigns on social media, and work with social media influencers.


Many people who don’t make the professional athlete cut decide to be an equipment manager instead. Equipment managers take care of the team equipment for a winter sports team. In addition to doing laundry, maintaining equipment, and making sure that uniforms are in place, the equipment manager also needs to keep an inventory and order new supplies when necessary.


For those who are skilled with physical touch, a career as a massage therapist is an option. Once you’ve taken the required courses and gotten certified, you can massage athletes to help make sure that their bodies stay healthy.